Thermo Scientific Labelling and Tracking Solutions

Printmate AS Cassette Printer

Features :
• Saves time- prints each cassette in 10 seconds or less.
• Smaller footprint. It can easily be placed right next to the grossing station.
• Prints barcodes on cassettes to automate downstream process.
• Eliminates error filled handwriting process.
• Intuitive Lab Writer Software can print 2D data matrix barcodes.

Configuration :
Available as basic printer (or) basic printer with slide delivery system (or) Printmate AS on demand printer (or) PrintMate AS on demand printer with slide delivery system.


SlideMate AS Slide Printer

Accurate, easy to use and integrated solution for printing microscopic slides

Features :
• Small footprint. It can fit right next to the microtome.
• Fully integrated touch screen and simple, easy to use Lab Writer software to print text and 2D data matrix barcodes.
• Prints directly on the slide.

Configuration : Available as basic printers (or) printing systems for 150, 450 and 900 cassettes.