ClearVue Coverslipper

. Automatically recognizes different types of slide preparations to deliver correct amount of mountant for coverslipping.
. Handles both histology and cytology samples simultaneously without user interaction.
. Holds up to 11 slide baskets at the same time
. Optically recognizes and positions slides during the coverslipping process. Each slide is removed from the basket with a set of slide grippers and is returned back while maintaining its positioning.
. Touch screen panel with intuitive software

Safety Features
. System does not operate unless the door is closed.
. Downdraft ventilation for user protection.
. Charcoal filter for removing vapours.
. Battery back up to ensure completion of any basket in process in the event of a power cut.

Compatible with Thermo Scientific™ Gemini™ and Varistain™ 24-4, Sakura DSR™ 2000, Leica Auto-Stainer™ and slide baskets of other manufacturers.