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Transition from a paper notebook to Electronic Laboratory Notebook: Studies Notebook increases productivity and knowledge sharing

Studies Notebook is a multi-discipline, highly configurable ELN that is easy to deploy and adopt.

Studies Notebook can be configured to fulfil the information management requirements of different laboratories within an organisation: from Medicinal Chemistry, Analytical, Formulations; and even scale up chemistry and biology.

Some key features of Studies Notebook include:
- Simplifies documenting experiments and minimises errors
- Populate experiment by reaction drawing, reagent lookup from reaction history or from reagent databases
- Auto-calculation of reagent amounts, solvent volumes and product yields
- Capture experimental method with free text
- Convenience tools of reaction cloning, write-up masks and dictionary lookups
- Integrated with chemical registration and sample inventory tools
- Integrates seamlessly with our querying and reporting tools
- Fully searchable
- Web-based so accessible to all users on all platforms
- Highly customisable