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Biology Lab Notebook - Studies and Studies Notebook for Biology

Studies is the new standard in screening data management with a web-based interface and unrivalled flexibility which allows the creation, capture, analysis and storage of biological research data from a single platform.

Studies and Studies Notebook constitute a single integrated solution. It includes:
Protocol definition, study management and data processing fully integrated within the ELN
Control of a users level of access to projects and protocols
CFR Part 11 compliant - audit trails and electronic signatures
High level of security

The DMPK module of Studies enables the entry and modelling of bioanalytical data from in vivo pharmacokinetic experiments. Raw data, calculated PK parameters and charts are stored directly in the database making them immediately available to project teams.

Studies is designed to capture and manage all types of biological studies:
Screening - plate and non-plate-based assays
% inh, IC/EC50, KI, user-defined analyses etc
Capture and efficiently store images
Ad-hoc studies - store unique experiments
Custom curve fitting

Studies Notebook incorporates a powerful plate management and inventory system:
Manage screening plates
Create plate stamps with control over patterns & dilutions
Create sample and reagent inventories
Seamless integration with registration