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Portable Heated Oil Centrifuge

Portable Heated Oil Test Centrifuge
Portable Heated Oil Test Centrifuge

Test Method
For the determination of water and sediment of crude oil by centrifuge method during field custody transfers. This test method is considered the most practical method for field determination of sediment and water.

Portable Oil Test Centrifuge
. Two Models Available: Two (2) place 12VDC & Four (4) place 115/230VAC
. Accommodates either two 6" conical centrifuge short tubes or four short cone / finger centrifuge tubes, model dependent
. Integrated Tube Holder / Pre-heater / Timer. Model Dependent
. Switchable Temperature Display between °C and °F
. Opening in Top Lid for Speed Calibration by Portable Laser Tachometer


Conforms to the specifications of : ASTM D96; API MPMS Chapter 10.4, API 2542
Test Capacity: K60094: Two (2) short cone centrifuge tubes
K600X5/K600X6: Four (4) short cone or finger centrifuge tubes
Speed Range: 300 - 1800 RPM RCF Range: 20 - 700
Temperature Control: Ambient to 160°F (71.1°C
Electrical Requirements : 12V DC 40, 115VAC 60HZ , 220-240VAC 50/60Hz