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Spider Reactor System

The innovative reactor system for parallel testing of heterogeneous catalytic reactions in the gas phase.

Developed at the University of Valencia reactor system Spider16 has 16 flow reactors and can be used for material tests and process optimization. It is used for simultaneous material tests, and accordingly contains 16 fixed-bed flow reactors. This method can be applied for a variety of chemical and catalytic processes.

What makes the system work?

• 16 individually heatable reactors
• Accurate flow control of gases and liquids through individual MFC and LFC in each reactor
• Personalized control for each reactor
• Individual temperature measurement
• Control PC for your experiment planning and evaluation
• Windows PC with GUI / SCADA software *

Where (to) the system is applied?

• Hydrocracking and hydrotreating
• Alkanisomerisation
• Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
• Kinetic and disable / regeneration processes
• Experimentation under industrial conditions
• Desulfurization of gases and gasolines
• Alkylation and disproportionation and selective oxidation of hydrocarbons

Standard configuration:

• max. Temperature: 550 ° C
• max. Pressure: 70 bar
• fixed bed volume: 4 ml
• Gas flow rate: 5-200 ml / min / reactor
• Liquid flow rate: 0.5-5g / hr / reacto