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Upto 4 AFMs in one system
Providing up to four AFM systems in one, the MultiView 4000 system is a novel platform for the most advanced experiments in nanoscale transport, optical pump-probe, and read-write lithography. Access to multiple probes enables non-destructive characterization, manipulation, and measurement of electrical, thermal, and optical properties of materials and electronic devices With up to four probes that can be operated simultaneously and independently, the MV 4000 is a nanoscale probe station with feedback and scanning capabilities.

The MV 4000 continues the tradition of the MV series of providing total optical flexibility and customization possibilities so that now Raman and tip enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS) can be integrated with the multiprobe capability. Finally, free optical access from above allows easy visualization of all probes and facilitates nanomanipulation. This system offers unlimited possibilities in your research - contact us to discuss how you can take advantage of this revolutionary technology. Its key features are

• Multidimensional Characterization
• Nanoscale AFM probe station for electrical measurements
• Nanoscale Transport and pump-probe experiments
• Advanced SPM measurements supported by highest topographic AFM resolution
• Nanomanipulation and measurement


• Cantilevered probes for the best NSOM performance
• All modes of NSOM
• True reflection mode NSOM
• Transmission mode NSOM
• True Collection Mode
• Multiple probe capability
• Any optical configuration


• Effortless AFM and Raman integration
• Optically transparent probes for best Raman quality
• Tuning fork feedback without Raman laser interference in MV2000 and MV4000
• Autofocus for superior Raman resolution
• Ideal for biological applications
• Best TERS probes on the market (exclusively for Nanonics users)

Applications :

• Nanotubes, Nanowires, Quantum Dots and other nanoscale materials
• Optical device characterization: semiconductor lasers, optical fibers, waveguides, plasmonic devices
• Polymers
• Semiconductor Devices
• Investigation of cellular tissue, DNA, viruses and other biological objects
• AFM-Raman and TERS on Graphene, CNTs
• NSOM for Biological applications
• Multiprobe fountain pen Nanolithiography