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Laboratory Supplies

Electrophysiology is study of the flow of ions in living tissue, that is the electrical properties of cells and tissues, measuring voltage change of a biological entity from a single ion channel proteins to an organ (for example, heart). Micro electrodes (glass pipette filled with an electrolyte) are placed inside a single cell for intracellular measurement and near the surface of a cell or in a preparation for extracellular measurement.

In the early 70's, WPI began building amplifiers, stimulators, isolators and other electrophysiology equipment for Yale University researchers. We've come a long way in nearly 50 years, but one thing hasn't changed. We still set the industry standard on how quality amplifiers should be built. When you require low noise amplifiers for making sensitive life science recordings, we can help.



• Epithelial Voltage Clamp
• Extracellular Amplifiers
• Intracellular Amplifiers
• Specialty Instruments
• Transducers
• Transducer Amplifiers
• Amplifier Accessories


Metal Electrodes

. Assortments
. Concentric
. Elgiloy/Stainless
. Platinum Iridium (PTM) Profile A
. Platinum Iridium (PTM) Profle C
. Platinum Iridium (PTM) Profile D
. Pure Iridium
. Tungsten (TM) Profile A
. Tungsten (TST) Profile B
. Tungsten (TM) Profile C
. Tungsten (TM) Profile D

Nerve Cuff Electrodes
Reference Electrodes
Surface Electrodes


• Stimulators
• Stimulus Isolators
• Stimulator Accessories