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UV-Vis Spectrophotometer / Double Beam UV-VIS

UV-Vis Spectrophotometer / Double Beam UV-VIS

Spectrophotometer model "U-3900 / U-3900H" : U-3900 / U-3900H is a PC controlled research grade variable band-width Spectrophotometer that covers a wide variety of analysis needs from liquid samples to solid samples. Line-up of two types that can be selected in accordance with the measuring object and application.

Features :

Two types of optical systems :
Single Monochromator (U-3900) and Double Monochromator (U-3900H) :
Model U-3900 is suitable for a low-concentration sample since sample light energy is stronger compared to the Double Monochromator. The Double Monochrome is suitable for a high-concentration sample since it can measure high absorbance with little stray light.

True research grade Spectrophotometer : Equipped with variable bandpass and PMT detector, model U-3900/U-3900H can measure wide absorbance range with low stray light and low noise.

UV Solutions software : Allows for easy device control and supports various quantitative-analysis functions such as measurement data comparison and a preview function that allows for a more powerful analysis.

Specifications :

Item U-3900 U-3900H
Monochromator Diffraction grating
Single monochromator Seya-Namioka mount
Diffraction grating-diffraction
grating Double monochromator
Seya-Namioka mount
Stray light 0.015% 0.00025%
Wavelength range 190 to 900 nm
Spectral bandpass 0.1, 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 5 nm (6 steps)
Wavelength accuracy ±0.1 nm (at 656.1 nm after wavelength calibration)

Applications : For use in a wide range of fields that focus on water quality, the environment, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, materials, etc. U-3900/U-3900H is capable of measuring transmittance, Absorbance and reflectance in both solid and liquid samples.

Following are few examples of its applications-

• Analysis of Phenol, total Phosphate, Silica, Nitrite Ion, etc. in water sample
• Analysis of Free Formaldehyde in Cloth Products
• Analysis of Ethanol in Soy Sauce
• Tannin analysis of tea
• Analysis of L-Glutamin Acid in Sweet Sake
• Measurement of quantity of IR pigment in plastic bottles
• Quantitative determination of salmon testicle DNA
• Quantitative determination of protein
• Turbidity analysis of water sample
• Measurement of reflectance of substarte glass with anti-reflection coating