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Shaker Incubator

Refrigerated/Non Refrigerated


• Microprocessor controller with audible and visual alarms maintains precise temperature and speed control.
• Long-Life brushless AC motor creates a smooth, quiet and uniformed shaking motion.
• Large LCD display presents all actual and preset parameters.
• Users friendly control panel allows easy digital setting of time, temperature and speed.
• Single front-open door with double-folded glass window.
• Mirror-finished high quality #304 stainless steel for excellent durability of interiors.
• 170L volume, two 496x350mm shaking trays included as standard.
• Temperature range - 4 To 60 °C / Ambient +5 - 60°C.
• Two trays above each other, double the capacity for small flasks.
• Orbital movement with speed adjustable from 30-300rpm and 26mm shaking diameter.