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Loquendo Voice Investigation System

QuantaSep ® 1000 SU

A World of Advantages

Loquendo technology is the ideal solution for investigation challenges; it is powerful, flexible, language independent, objective and can be used time and time again. The Voice Investigation System provides reliable results presented as expected by the forensic experts. Loquendo VIS is the fundamental component at the core of more complex architectures, especially tailored for real-time analysis.

How it Works

Speaker Identification is performed thanks to Loquendo patented solutions based on innovative algorithms that automatically distinguish the speakers involved in a telephone conversation,extract the specific voice parameters, independently of the spoken language, and compare the speech files to be analysed with the available Voiceprints.
Language Identification permits the identification of the language used in a telephone conversation, either for filtering the calls which match specific spoken language criteria or for an automatic dispatching of calls to the right interpreters.

Gender Identification allows a reduction of the number of incoming calls on the basis of gender, discriminating between male, male-female, female-female conversations.

SNR and Speech Amount allows the reliability of the results obtained to be evaluated witt1 regard to the signal quality and the duration of the analysed speech.
Voice analysis processing time requires a fraction of the speech duration, even when comparing several Voiceprints. Loquendo VIS is available as a Desktop system for a single Operator working on a PC.

By means of the project import/export capability, it can easily exchange data between other Desktop systems equipped with the same software.
In addition. Loouendo VIS is able to act as a Master qenerator of sioned Voiceprints. These can be used to feed svstems.