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BioProfile Applications

• Developed in conjunction with leading biotechnology companies, BioProfile analyzers provide the chemistry assays necessary to address the testing requirements of small to large scale bioprocessing, encompassing:
• Research and Development
• Process Development
• Pilot Plant
• Production

Applications of the BioProfile include :

•   Monitoring the progress of bioreactor runs
• Determining the consumption and production of key metabolites
• Identification of growth-limiting nutrients
• Design of feeding strategies
• Calibration of bioreactor probes
• Measurement of cellular respiration
•  Balancing media electrolytes
• Control levels of waste product

Time / Labor Savings
BioProfile's comprehensive test menus allow consolidation of testing into a single analyzer. This results in significant time and labor savings, as well as real-time process control capabilities.

BioProfile's fast analysis time and consolidated testing offer the following advantages :

• Eliminate the requirement for taking multiple samples and large sample volumes from reactor vessels
• Provide real-time access to test results, enabling real-time process control
• Substantially decrease labor, capital equipment, and reagent costs
• Improve the ability to effectively monitor and control bioreactor processes
• Improve process reliability and reproducibility
• Speed optimization of feeding strategies
• Improve manufacturing yield and quality