Rolling Thin Film Oven

Rolling Thin Film Oven
Rolling Thin Film Oven

Effect of Heat and Air on a Moving Film of Asphalt (Rolling Thin Film Oven Test)

Test Method
Determines the effect of heat and air on a moving film of asphalt to serve as an indicator of approximate change in properties during conventional hot-mixing. The results are reported in terms of the changes in selected properties such as viscosity, penetration and ductility brought about by the RTFO test, as evidenced by test data taken before and after the 75 minute oven cycle.

Rolling Thin Film Oven
. Conforms to the specifications of ASTM D2872
Double-walled electrically heated convection oven for rolling thin film oven tests on asphalts. Incorporates all required features per ASTM specifications, including: door with double-pane viewing window; symmetrical top and bottom vents; air plenum; squirrel cage-type 1725rpm fan; digital indicating thermostat to control oven temperature at 163°C ±0.5°C; vertical circular carriage to mechanically rotate the samples at 15 ±0.2rpm; air jets to blow heated air into each sample bottle at its lowest point of travel; and a calibrated flowmeter to control air flow at 4000mL/min. An over temperature cut-off circuit disconnects power to the unit in the event of control failure.


Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D2872; AASHTO T240


40x36x26 (101.6x91.44x66.04) , Net Weight: 310 lbs (141kg)

Shipping Information

Shipping Weight: 380 lbs (173kg) , Dimensions: 7.96 Cu. ft.

Electrical Requirements

220-240V 60Hz , 220-240V 50Hz