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HD-3D Surface and Film Thickness Optical Profiler

Engineered to challenge your definition of impossible


Optical interferometry without compromise

. 2.2 mm vertical range with closed loop piezoless Z axis scanner
. 0.1 Angstrom resolution over the entire measurement range
. 2048 x 2048 pixel array for large FOV with high resolution
. 0.3% - 100% Surface reflectivity can be accommodated


Virtual elimination of measurement uncertainty
. <0.2 Angstrom RMS repeatability, <0.1% step height repeatability
. FEA optimised mechanical design for excellent R&R capability
. Calibration utilizing ISO standards ensures acceptance of results
. Automatic set-up features eliminate operator variability or sample

Robust design for long term cost effectiveness


. Piezoless Z axis scanner eliminates expensive repair bills
. Automatic surface detection prevents crash damage to lens
. Built in self-diagnostic tools for quick and easy troubleshooting
. Ease of operation reduces the possibility of operator mishandling


64-bit Control and analysis software


. Multi-language support to ease communication with global partners
. Compatible with most PC platforms for collaborative research projects
. New tools including 4D analysis of 3D surfaces as they evolve over time
. Automatic report generation based on batches of measurement data